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Looking for a place to start? We have many pages of information specifically related to the needs and concerns of the self employed entrepreneur and small business owner and sometimes it can be confusing. 

What is was put together with information from sources acquired over the years by the owners of Self Employed Web. Our subjects include advice on the best sources for self employed Health Insurance , HSAs – Health Savings Accounts, small business benefits, tax breaks, disaster recovery, auto and home owner insurance, and other matters affecting the self employed and small businessowner.

Small businesses and self employed enterprises constitute a major portion of the US Economy. We are a major factor, and we should have the same voice and concessions offered to major corporations. Too often, the self employed are not aware of government programs or advantages that could help their business. We would hope you can find something beneficial here.

We would like to think our advice on self employed Health Insurance , 401(k) for the self employed, mortgages for the self employed, and information regarding small business benefits will be helpful to you.

Take a look at our newest section – eBay Tips featuring some great info on using eBay to further your home based business! We have just updated the eBay section with several articles on how to Buy a Car on eBay Motors.

What about self employed health insurance?

An excerpt from one of our articles on Self Employed Health Insurance:

“Many people would like the opportunity to work for themselves – to not be responsible to an employer, to not punch a clock, to be their own bosses. But many of them are held back from realizing this dream for one common reason: they don’t want to loose the health insurance offered by their employers. This is especially true if they have families who depend on the health insurance, too. Choosing self employed health insurance can be a daunting task. Indeed, it is one that some people don’t even bother to investigate because they simply assume that health insurance of this type is unaffordable. But if they were to learn more about it, they might be surprised to discover that self employed health insurance may be an affordable option for them. Choosing self employed health insurance is even easier with the advent of the internet. Most of the large health insurance companies have very good websites that provide all sorts of quoting tools and information to assist you in choosing the right insurance if you are self employed. Netquote is a good example of such a service.”  Read more here.