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Dental Discount FAQ

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Dental Discount Cards Explained

Dental Discount cards are rapidly becoming the most popular most affordable dental care option for many families.  Employers who were once able to offer full coverage dental insurance to their employees have been forced to withdraw the coverage to keep the basic healthcare costs at the lowest possible levels.  Dental insurance is always one of the first casualties when cost cutting strategies are implemented, especially since President Obama’s healthcare initiative took effect.

Dental discount cards offer a very affordable alternative.  Most of the major health insurance companies now offer dental discount plans which are surprisingly complete and cost effective for individuals and families. The self employed community has turned to this alternative for quite some time to offset the high cost of dental procedures.

Discount dental plans are designed for individuals, families and groups looking to save money on dental care services. You have the freedom to choose from over 30 top quality national and regional plans. As a member, you can save 10% to 60% on most dental procedures. Also, depending on the plan chosen, you may even save on dental specialty services like oral surgery, dentures, braces, and even root canals.

Dental Discount Card FAQ – The Basics Explained What is a dental discount card?

A dental discount card is a type of plan that allows you to take advantage of significant savings for dental care without having to purchase actual dental insurance.

Is a dental discount card an insurance policy?

No. Dental discount cards are more like a savings plan. They do not provide actual coverage, just a deduction on routine dental procedures.

What is the difference between an actual dental insurance plan and a discount card?

A dental insurance plan is much like a health insurance plan. You may be required to meet a deductible, provide a co-pay or co-insurance payments for your dental procedures. A savings plan offers a reduction in rates for dental procedures, but no actual dental coverage.

How do I find a dentist that will accept my discount card in my area?

You will need to check with either your dentist or the dental savings card issuer to see if your dentist is on their list of providers that participate in the savings plan.

Will I lose my discount card if I move?

Since most discount card plans are national, you should not have to worry about losing your savings plan. As long as there is a dentist in your new location that participates with your savings plan, you will still be able to use your card.

Can my family be included on my dental discount card plan?

Most companies that offer dental discount plans offer coverage for your entire family for a slightly higher monthly fee.

Can I use my dental discount card as often as I like?

Yes, the majority of dental discount card providers do not put any restrictions on how often you can use your card.

Do all network providers offer the same discount rate?

This may vary based on your area and your particular dentist. Not all dental care providers will offer the same discounts.

How soon will I be able to use my discount card?

In most cases, your discount card membership will be approved in less than a week. It may take up to two weeks to receive your cards, depending on the issuing company.

What if a dentist in my network doesn’t take my dental discount card?

You can ask your dentist to contact the card issuer to confirm that they are in-network for your savings plan. If you still are unable to get help, you may need to contact the company on your own to ensure that the dentist is in-network.




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