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Email Time Management Ideas

Posted on Saturday, July 13th, 2013 by

As an entrepreneur I spend much of my time reading email. I receive reports, pay bills, give instructions, make deals, service clientele. Second, I have a personal life through which I receive emails. And third, I receive emails that do not interest me at all. I have been exploring for a while now how to efficiently manage my email. Here are four techniques I am using to minimize the noise.

  1. Unsubscribe – For all the newsletters or updates that I never read, I have been unsubscribing. That means one less weekly or even daily email that I have to delete. I have found that in general emailers do respect unsubscribe requests, and, if not, you always have the recourse of one of the more aggressive options below.
  2. Eliminate Email Addresses – I have some email addresses that I never use, and all I do is receive spam on. I have taken the hard line and simply dropped those email addresses. They do not forward to me anymore. Sorry and goodbye spammers.
  3. Filter Out – I use Gmail for work which has the option to filter emails out via a sender, keyword, etc. You can make them automatically archive in a folder or delete them. I have found this filtering to be effective when there is no unsubscribe option and flagging as spam is not working either. You can still have them be saved if they are important for record keeping but not worthwhile to read.
  4. Separate Email Accounts – In the past, I always disliked checking multiple accounts, but times have changed for me. I am now using an entirely separate email box for my personal stuff than my business. This separation helps me focus on work while on my laptop. I can pull out my smart phone to quickly check personal stuff if need be.

How do you cut down on the number of emails you receive? Please share your technques in the comment section below.

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