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SelfEmployedWeb has grown over the years and it is evolving into a huge informational resource for the small businessperson and self employed entrepreneur. We get comments every day from people just like you who find the information here to be very helpful.

In the past, our health quotes were from an individual company which offered limited options from just a few companies.  When we started SelfEmployedWeb in 2000, that was adequate for our visitors. We no longer feel this is the case.

We would like to offer you two options.  Both options have been used by us personally and by close family members.  We were well satisfied with the results.

OPTION 1 — Use a health insurance professional to advise you.

We are now partnering with to offer you more options and plan selection. NetQuote has been providing this service on the ‘Net since 1989 and is the oldest and most respected insurance quoting service out there.  Just click below.

In addition to featuring the largest selection of major medical health plans from leading companies, NetQuote also offers a wide selection of quality car insurance, life insurance, businessand home insurance options. You can obtain FREE instant quotes, side-by-side comparisons, the best available prices, online applications, and a knowledgeable Customer Care team to help you find the plan that is right for you

Option 2

Many of you feel you can make informed health care decisions without the assistance of a health insurance agent. eHealth gives you the ability to shop and compare multiple plans online and then sign up for your preferred health insurance plan all online.  NO SALESMAN will call

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Self Employed Web has been providing self employment advise and resources since January 30th, 2003. Get started via our popular SUV Tax Deduction list, Corp vs. LLC article, or eBay tips section. Over 300 other articles are categorized in the navigation menu on the lefthand side of this webpage. If you have a question not answered on this website, please contact us.

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