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Posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2013 by

Hiring on the internet is easy and inexpensive.  There are a number of website out there such as elance and craigslist, but my choice has been  And I have been happy with that choice after my first couple contacts.

The world has gone virtual contributing to the current unemployment in the United States but also enriching the hard workers in impoveriched nations.  I posted two jobs related to website data entry and content editing last month.  The result was hundreds of applications — so many that I had trouble going through them all.  In the end I used pretty callous techniques to limit the pool down. The pool could be generally categorized as follows:

  • Indians – Mostly technically minded with probably too much skill for my tasks. Rates were around $10/hr.
  • Phillapinas – Mostly young women acting as virtual secretary types. Some with incredible resumes and well spoken in english. Rates were $5 or $6 USD / hour.
  • Bangladeshians – Very low rates down to under $1/hour were tempting but also seemed cruelly low in this world.

I ended up limiting my posible contractors to females from the Phillapeans. Then further refined that list to those with experience in WordPress – the system I was using to manage the content. I was shocked at how low some people would work. I even received a quote from an American girl. You can get high or low quality contractors online.

oDesk has number of ways to help you try to figure out who is low or high quality. Some of these items are:

  • Language tests
  • Hours previously worked on oDesk
  • Score from previous contractors
  • Cover letter
  • Skills list

I mostly payed attention to the hours worked and score on work done. When I looked into the applicants further, I was fascinated by the tests which are numerous and optional to the applicant. They seemed accurate based on my limited interactions. For instance, a test showing excellent or poor english skills did correlate to how easy you could communicate.

In the end, I was very happy with the job done at oDesk. Over hiring someone local off craigslist I definately saved and did not lose out in quality I don’t think. My contractors honestly probably did a better job than I would of because of the extra layer or organization. My best baseline for costs was an American girl who quoted me 100 hours at $10/hour. I halfed that and did it as well in half the time.

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