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IE Not Responding – A Quick Fix

Posted on Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 by

Internet Explorer Not Responding —  I Am Fed Up with this Microsoft Problem

I make my living on the internet and I MUST have a functional internet connection and a computer that works.  Usually, I replace my work laptop every nine months and the last six laptops have been Dell. The current laptop is a Dell XPS M140.  It has more than adequate ram, display memory etc to do the job properly.  From the very first day, my Internet Explore browser has been a pain.  It hangs up right when I am in the middle of something important and says “Internet Explorer Not Responding”.  It freezes up and whatever I am doing is lost when I am forced to close the window.  Not only that, but if you have multiple browser windows open and get the dreaded “Internet Explorer Not Responding” all those windows will close as well and ALL of that info is lost.

As you would probably guess, this is not acceptable so I started looking for fixes because I was seeing this message “internet explorer not responding” twenty or 30 times a day.  It was making me crazy. First stop was Microsoft Support (an oxymoron if there ever was one). Well, several hours spent on the support site reveals they are aware of the problem. As a matter of fact, several different problems could be causing the Internet Explorer browser to not respond.  I counted at least 4 different scenarios that have identified as problems and they have what they call a hotfix patch for this.  To get the hotfix, you have to call Microsoft and PAY for it……….. NO THANKS!  That just ain’t right folks. If you release buggy software, you should be willing to fix it right…not make money off of it!

Next stop was a general Google search for “Internet Explorer Not Responding”.  There were hundreds of entries for this so I am not the only one having this problem with Microsoft- not by a long shot. I started visiting the various message boards and forums and this is the list of various causes and remedies that I found over the course of several weeks to fix the error message Internet Explorer is not Responding:

  • Download the latest version of IE — Didn’t work, still get the error message.
  • Remove IE from your system and re-install – nope again
  • You have added software that interferes with Internet Explorer — Nope, straight out of the box from Dell I got the Internet Explorer is not Responding message
  • Your computer has spyware, malware,  trojans, viruses, adware etc etc etc…. This was a favorite of the self professed “experts” on the message boards. The prevailing attitude was I was so stupid that it was MY fault I was getting the “Internet Explorer is Not Responding” message. Sorry guys, not the case and your solution didn’t work
  • Change some registry values — Dangerous stuff here and I did it because it was ‘guaranteed to work’.  Didn’t do crap to solve the IE problem but made me plenty nervous.
  • Delete your internet cache files — nope.
  • Delete your internet temporary files – nada
  • Re-boot your computer — ha ha ha.

So after about a month of frustration, I was at the end of my rope and I had shelved the brand new XPS Dell and gone back to my previous computer. Same version of IE, different version of windows (not Windows XP Media version) and it worked perfectly.  I NEVER got the Internet Explorer is not Responding message —ever.

However, I AM writing this article on the new XPS and everything is working great now.  How did I do it???  I ditched Internet Explorer FOREVER.  No more Internet Explorer is Not Responding, no more lost work and most importantly no more frustration!

Obviously, I still need an internet browser and I found one I like even BETTER. It is called Firefox and it works perfectly — all the time, every time.

I have been using Firefox 8-10 hours a day for months now and I love it!  It is rock stable. NO WAY I would go back to using Internet Explorer.  Click the link above to get your free Firefox browser.

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