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Service After the Sale eBay-style

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 by

I recently ordered a new driver’s side mirror on eBay for my 1990 Buick Regal sedan.  The price was great like always on eBay.  I was not in a rush, so I chose regular shipping.  5 days later the box from the seller arrived in mail.  I was excited!  But when the mirror I opened the box and was sorely disappointed.  The mirror was broken!  This experience is a common one I think and not entirely the fault of the seller.  Sure he could have packed the mirror better or marked it as fragile, but the fact is things sometimes go wrong.  Life is like this.  And in life and business, it is not about never making mistakes but how you react to those mistakes.  The reaction is what turns a good consumer experience into a bad one or vice versa, a bad into a good one.

And so it happened with the mirror.  I pulled out a koozie they had slipped in the box which was nice of them and had their phone number on it. Branded products are helpful to include in eBay shipments to provide ease of contact in situations like this. I dialed their number on the koozie and was immediately in contact with a manager.  I explained the situation and, without any questioning or proof like a photo of the damaged item, the manager put in an order for a fresh side mirror to be sent free of charge.  This response was fantastic!  It was honestly better than I had even hoped and turned a posible bad customer experience into almost an even better one than if I had received an undamaged mirror in the first place.

“Service after the sale” is what this type of interaction is called.  While everybody focuses on selling, selling, selling, the best focus on growing by actually providing good products and service.  These good experiences turn into living, breathing referal agents that generate you more business at no recurring cost.   Remember the Pareto Principle?  Eighty percent of your revenue will come from 20% of your marketing.  Focus on service after the sale, and you will see the results whether on eBay or elsewhere.

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