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2005 SUV Tax Deduction List of Vehicles as applies to Section 179

Vehicles with GVWRs above 6,000 Pounds

BMW Infinity
X5 4.8is SUV QX56 SUV
Cadillac Isuzu
Escalade SUV Ascender SUV
Escalade pickup
Land Rover
Chevrolet LR3 SUV
Astro Passenger Van AWD (2005)1 Range Rover SUV
Avalanche pickup
Express Van (both cargo and passenger Lexus
models) GX470
Silverado pickup LX470 SUV
Suburban SUV
Tahoe SUV Trailblazer SUV extended models only Lincoln Aviator SUV (2005)2
Navigator SUV
Dakota Club Cab 4 door Dakota Quad Cab 4 doorDurango SUV Mercedes G500 SUV (2005)2 G55 AMG SUV (2005)2
Ram pickup ML350 SUV
Sprinter van ML500 SUV
Ford Nissan
Econoline E150 and E350 Armada SUV
Excursion SUV Titan pickup
Expedition SUV
F150 pickup Porsche
F250 pickup Cayenne SUV
F350 pickup
GMC 9-7x SUV
Envoy SUV DenaliSafari Passenger Van AWD (2005)2 Toyota
Savana van (both cargo and passenger 4Runner Limited V8 4WD SUV
models) 4Runner Sport V8 4WD SUV
Sierra pickup 4Runner SR5 V8 4WD SUV
Yukon SUV Land Cruiser SUV
Sequoia SUV
Honda Tundra Access Cab
Ridgeline pickup Tundra Double Cab
Hummer Volkswagen
H1 Touareg SUV


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