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Business cards get you noticed

GET YOURSELF NOTICED – Unique Business Cards Get the Job Done

Is your business …

in·dis·tin·guish·a·ble adj

1: exactly alike; incapable of being perceived as different;

2: not capable of being distinguished or differentiated; “the two specimens are actually different from each other but the differences are almost indistinguishable”

This definition could never apply to you or your business, right? After all, you’ve spent countless hours analyzing the market and establishing your niche. You’ve tailored your product or service to meet the needs of your customer base and your customer service is impeccable. You are absolutely NOT like everyone else!

Ok. You’re not like everyone else. But how does a prospective customer know you’re different? How do you get them to remember and select you when they reach that critical “buying moment”?

According to Alexi Venneri, author of “BALLS! 6 Rules for Winning Today’s Business Game” If you want to be a top performer in your industry one thing you have to be is loud.

Alexi’s Rule #3: “Be loud. Be heard. Break through the noise of our world’s never-ending sales pitch. Get yourself noticed!

That is a great idea! Get noticed. But how?

I have good news (And no, I didn’t just save a bunch of money on my car insurance). As a member of the self employed ranks you have the freedom to do things that your more “corporate” competition can’t or won’t do. Things that will get you noticed and let customers know that you truly are unique. Best of all, these “get noticed” strategies don’t need to be ground breaking or expensive.

Here are a couple of examples:

– A delivery company in New York City simply stenciled their company name and phone number on the top of all their delivery vehicles which then became mobile billboards. Now, when someone needs to schedule a delivery, they call “The guys with their phone number on the roof of the car “. They got noticed.

– In November 2000 Scott Ginsberg decided to wear a name tag all day, everyday, and he has. Today He is a very well known author and not surprisingly, also known as “The guy with the name tag”. He got noticed. What if, instead of trying to “out-corporate” your corporate competition, you decided to thumb your nose at the uptight corporate competition and put your own spin on it?

– What if you boldly posted your home number on the front door of your business ? You’d probably be bothered at home once in a while, but putting your money (or phone number) where your mouth is would tell the world that you are serious about customer service. Most customers would never call you at home, but just knowing that they could, would get you noticed.

– What if you threw out those boring business cards of yours and instead handed out a  custom illustrated Show Off Business Card, with a muscled up superhero version of you, saving the world from whatever problem it is that you and your company solve. That would definitely get you noticed – You would Be Unforgettable! And isn’t that the whole point?

So whether it’s posting your home phone number, wearing a name tag every day or handing out a Show Off Business Card you’ve got to do something different to get noticed. If you agree to play the game by “their” rules, you’re finished before you start.

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